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How Financial Planning Actually Works

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How Financial Planning Actually Works

What a great time to be alive. No, really! Despite all the turbulence we have experienced, from the pandemic to economic uncertainty, what the silver lining is how the world has come together to provide so much content and information that in turn allows us to equip ourselves in dealing with the current climate and also preparing for the future. The internet and various social media platforms have given us the opportunity to learn. Seeing that we are an avid finance activists, what we a reeling in is the access to information that is evident when it comes to financial literacy.

Financial literacy is an excellent way to understand how money works and the various ways to make your money benefit you. The scope of financial literacy spans for personal finance and how to manage your day to day finances to how to protect yourself from future risks that are not of knowledge to us. Okay so, we have consumed all this knowledge right?! And it’s probably lingering in your mind and now the pertinent question is how do you execute financial growth based on your newfound knowledge? This is where financial planning comes into the picture.

So through financial planning, financial planners, are able to assist you in drafting, designing, implementing and reviewing a plan that will help you achieve the goals that you have set out.

Thandekile Moloko

Financial planning is when you understand the need to sustain and protect your money, lifestyle and assets by making sure that you have a plan that will allow you to create, grow and preserve the money that you have earned. This process needs to be a meticulous and precise strategy that will match you financial goals to your current financial circumstance by using financial strategies to help you achieve your goals. So through financial planning, financial planners, are able to assist you in drafting, designing, implementing and reviewing a plan that will help you achieve the goals that you have set out.

For a financial planner to be able to create a solid and beneficial financial plan for you, they will probably ask you various questions, that specific to you and your current financial circumstance. Financial planners should also go a step further and ask you “what does a financially sustainable life look like to you?”  With this information a financial plan should be created that is specific to and your needs. For the longest time financial planning is seen to be accessible and beneficial to the elite and high net worth group. I’m happy to announce that this is not the case. Everyone who is looking to create financial sustainability can do so so with assistance of a financial expert. It be more in-tune with the process below are the steps that we follow in the financial planning process:

  1. Solidify and derive your financial goals
  2. Understand your current financial circumstance
  3. Gather personal financial information pertain to you
  4. Formulate your financial plan so you can achieve your goals
  5. Discussion financial plan and examine whether it is in line with your goals
  6. Review and monitor the financial plan regularly in line with your goals.

These steps are intricate to what we believe is a service that puts you in comfortable position knowing that you have taken the right step in streamlining and being in control of your finances. With our assistance you will definitely be heading in the right direction of creating financial sustainability.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you in the processes of creating, growing and preserving wealth.

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Thandekile MolokoHead Wealth Manager

Thandekile Moloko is a Wealth Coach and Wealth Manager by profession. Her love for people and changing people’s lives lead her into the financial planning. She encompasses tenacity for finance, especially wealth management and personal financial management. With insurmountable experience gained in the industry, she has blazed the market with her expertise within the financial planning industry. With the intent of reaching a larger audience. In her wealth management career, she has changed many people’s lives and she changed the landscape of wealth management to be inclusive of those that need it the most. She is an avid believer in changing lives one financial situation at a time.

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