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Investment Planning

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Money is a means to an end. Investments are also a means to end. Investments allow you to fulfil your goals by placing your money in investments that will grow your funds in the short term and long term.

Investments strategies need to suit your needs. Investments assist you in making returns from the capital you invested, they allow you to make your goals a reality.


All investments will be created with you in mind.

Our Investment Strategy

Our investment strategies are carefully put together to increase growth and return at a steady and maintainable rate. Our investments are specially put together for your needs and to achieve the goals that you have made for yourself with the help of a wealth manager.

The SimWealth Investment mandate is as follows:

  • Create returns for clients that will grow clients portfolios and achieve the goals of the client as per the plan agreed upon with the wealth manager.
  • Reduce risk as much as possible. Making sure that funds are invested to the benefit of the clients over the long term with compounded growth on all investments.
  • Match the time horizon of the client to the goals set up by the client. To make sure that the investment produces the best results for the goals that you have set out for yourself.