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Who We Are

SimWealth is a Financial Planning organisation that helps you change your financial situation for the better by assisting you to achieve your financial goals. We use our expertise to create financial solutions and strategies that will help you reach financial growth and liberation. We do this through our financial planning services.

We stand for making financial planning simple and accessible for everyone. Our financial planning process allows you to manage your finances better, prepare for the unknown, protect your family financially, plan for your future and increase your net worth.

Our services gives you the opportunity to focus and achieve your life goals, whilst we build and track a unique financial plan that will compliment your current lifestyle and your future financial needs.

Our Process

SimWealth is here to serve you. We follow a three step process to make sure your needs are always met.

  • 1.

    Knowledge is Power

    Information is key. In order to understand the journey towards financial freedom and stability, you need to know how financial planning will benefit you and your family. SimWealth helps you dissect the Why, the How and the When.

  • 2.

    Implement an Action Plan

    To see your truest desires materialize into fruitful results, you need to put a plan in place. An action plan on how you you going to make your goals a reality. We help you implement a progressive financial plan through our financial planning and coaching process. The plan will bridge a gap between where you are and where you want to be.

  • 3.

    Keep on Track

    Progress needs to be monitored and progress needs to be reviewed. Nothing in life is cast in stone, the same applies for your personal finances. SimWealth will equip you with effective tools to monitor your finances. The finish line is when you achieve your end goal. Reviewing and monitoring your financial plan with appropriate assistance will make sure you stay on track!

Our Managing Director

Thandekile Moloko is a Financial Planner by profession. She studied at the University of Johannesburg majoring in Finance with a Honours Degree in Financial Planning. Her love for finance and changing people’s lives lead her into the Financial Planning. Thandekile was requested to be part of the ASISA (Association for Savings and Investment South Africa) program to enhance Financial Planning as an industry. She encompasses a tenacity for finance, especially Financial Planning and Financial Coaching. With insurmountable experience gained in the industry, she has blazed the market with her expertise within the industry. In her Financial Planning career, she has changed many people’s lives and brought about inclusivity for those that need it the most. She is an avid believer in changing lives one Financial Plan at a time.

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We can help you:

  • Manage Personal Finances

  • Prepare For The Unknown

  • Protect your Family Financially

  • Plan for your Future

  • Increase your Net-Worth

  • Take Care of your Employees

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