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Retirement Planning

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Proper retirement planning bring you comfort that you will retire comfortably when the time comes. When you have worked very hard before retirement; one of your wishes is to make sure that you retire comfortably. This includes being able to maintain the same type of lifestyle at your retirement as you did before you retired.


Only 6% of south africans can retire comfortably in South africa. In order to be part of the people that retire with certainty about their finances, you need to start planning now for the future.

Our Retirement Planning  Strategy

Planning gives you peace of mind at retirement. We help you plan for  retirement appropriately.

There are 3 phases to retirement planing which include:


1: Pre-retirement planning

  • Whilst you are working or creating revenue for yourself, you need to incorporate retirement planning. This is to ensure that when you are at retirement you live a comfortable live.
  • This includes creating a plan, saving and investing enough for retirement and constantly reviewing the investments you have so they perform to your advantage at retirement.
  • Retirement planning is also a great tool to use for tax savings. If used appropriately and correctly, you can save a lot on your income tax.


2: At-retirement planning

  • Making sure that the retirement funds you have invested for the majority of you life are invested in the right way once you reach retirement allow you to live comfortably and not worry about the future.
  • This is an important time in your retirement. Based on the decision you make at this time you.


3: Post-retirement planning

  • Reviewing and monitoring your investments so they are aligned with your financial needs whilst you are on retirement
  • Making sure that your retirement plan, ties into your lifestyle requirements and necessities so you live a comfortable retirement life.