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Should I take our a group cover for my employees?

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I have 10 employees that are working for my company permanently. They are a huge part of my business operating efficiently. I pay them their salaries but i know know if they have risk plan that will assist them if a unforeseen circumstance happens. I want to make sure that my employees are taken care of. What benefits can i incorporate into the business that will be beneficial for my employees?


Having employee benefits at work gives employees peace of mind that their needs are take care of if an unforeseen circumstance happens in their lives. As an employer you can put a plan in place that will assist them in times of need. The following plan can be created for your employees:

  • A group life cover
  • A group disability and critical illness cover
  • A retirement benefit
  • Saving account
  • Funeral cover

You can mix and match what you want to put in place for your employees as per the standard needs that you have for your employees. I


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