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I have had a financial advisor since i started working. I knew that i need a financial advisor to assist me in my financial matters. However, my financial advisor hardly contacts me and very hard to get ahold of. My financial plan has been the same for 6 years and so much has changed in the period. How should i safeguard myself from bad financial advisor services:


You must have a great relationship with your financial advisor/planner, after all they are the ones that are running your finances. It is however the responsibility of the financial advisor to keep in contact with you and make sure that your financial plan is at par with your requirements. Your financial advisor should, on a minimum, contact you once a year. Being contact once a year is not enough. You require your financial advisor to be agile and offer their services to you when you need them. Your financial plan should always be in line with every change that happens in your life, otherwise your financial plan is longer valid to your needs and goals.


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