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How do I make sure that my family is taken care of financially?

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I have a beautiful family that I love very much. I have a son (6 years old)  and a daughter (2 years old). I have been married for seven years now. I sometimes worry about  sometimes about how my family will survive if something happens to me. How can you assist me to take care of my family?


Taking care of our loved ones is always at the top our minds. We want them to live a great life when we are around and we are not.

It is important to make sure that you plan for unforeseen circumstances. The following should be included in your plan:


  • Should you pass on you need to have money that will pay off your debt and also make sure that your family is taken care of if you are not around.
  • Disability and illness can happen to anyone at anytime you need to safeguard yourself and your family against any unforeseen circumstances such as disability and illness.
  • Save towards your children's education. The biggest gift you can ever give your children is an education. Provide your kids with funds that will allow them to go to school and be self sustainable.
  • Have a will in place. If anything happens to you such as death, making sure that your family is taken care of and you have a say on how your estate will be taken care of assists your family in financially transitioning if you are not around.


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