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Am I saving enough for retirement?

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I work as a freelancer and do not have a pension fund at work. I am 39 years and I am worried as to whether i will be able to live the same type of lifestyle that i am living upon my retirement. I want to start saving towards my retirement but i don't know how much to save and what to invest in. How can you help me reach my retirement goals.


Saving for retirement can feel like a stressful task. Sometime we make the decisions of living a better life now with idea that the future will take care of itself. Retirement planning is important if you want to live the same lifestyle at retirement as you are now. You need to have a solid plan in place so that your retirement goals are met. Here is what you need to bear in mind:


  • Investing in a retirement annuity does not necessarily mean you will have enough money at retirement to take care of yourself. You need to create a retirement plan that takes into consideration how much you need at retirement and how much you can invest towards your retirement goals
  • The investment, over the long term, should yield results that add onto your retirement savings. The earlier you start saving towards retirement the cheaper the costs will be to invest towards your retirement goal, as the investments will start working for you.
  • Investing in retirement portfolios for retirement give you a tax break. The more you invest in retirement vehicles the more


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