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What should I invest in to make my money grow?

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I am a young professional and I make a substantial amount of money. After I have paid for my expenses I have 20% left of my salary. I want to invest and save and I don't know how. I want an investment that will grow my money. How can you help me make the right investment and savings decision for me?


Firstly we need to distinguish between saving and investments. Savings are short term and investments are long term.

Your portfolio needs to comprise of elements that correlate with your financial plan and your goals. The generic investment portfolio will have the following:

  1. Emergency fund - this will be a short term savings account that can be accessed at any point should an emergency pop up.
  2. Retirement investment - this is to make sure that you retire comfortably at retirement. You need to make sure that how much you are investing is in line with your retirement goals
  3. Short term goals- these goals differ from person to person. This could be buying a house, buying a car, saving up to go back to school. It is important to have a portfolio that will allow you to achieve your short term goal.
  4. Wealth creation= this is a long term goal. Everyone want to be wealth. In order to be wealthy and use investments as a tool for wealth you need to have the fundamentals out of the way. This is an investment that you don't need in the short term and would like it to grow over the long term for wealth creation purposes.


We know that this is the appropriate plan to follow when you are looking to invest and save extra money that you have. We have investment portfolios that will assist you in implementing this plan. We also help you to constantly review and monitor your portfolio.